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Meet me and other musicians on this Dutch forum.

Record label that released 'The age of deception' and 'Music from the Mesozoic'.
10 minutes of 'The light in our eyes' put on Youtube by a Dutch fan  
'The Iceland error'.
The following videos were made by Marcel B.:

'The tale of the fire horse' (radio mix)
'Two years of wasted love'
'Chains of the mind'
'Inner revolution'
'Mercury rising'
'Twilight trespassers'
News, concerts and festivals.
Italo disco, electronic dance music of the eighties.
Vintage and not so vintage synthesizers
Reviews, weblogs, interviews and sounds.
Modular synthesizers.
Vintage and modern synthesizers. Check out the sections on the Alesis Andromeda A-6 and the Korg MS series.  
The world's best magazine on electronic musical instruments and recording them
In the articles section you can find in depth reviews of most of Akikaze’s equipment, 
for example:
Thomas Welsch designs and builds modular synthesizers and analogue sequencers, e.g. the Semtex XL and the Inseqt.  
Ensoniq SQ-80.
German electronic music record label, run by Lambert Ringlage, who did two recording sessions and one gig with me, co-released 'The age of deception' and released 'Solstice'. The result of the last recording session was 'Twist of fate' on the album 'Blue sky events'.
Voice processors. 
Bob Moog has passed away, but his company lives on.
Ensoniq TS-10. The TS-12 is the same instrument, but with a larger keyboard. 
Kawai K-5000 and additive synthesis. This website is about to be terminated.
Korg Sigma.
Minimoog. Much has been written on this classic synth
Solina String-Ensemble, my simplest, yet favourite instrument. 
Waldorf has risen from its ashes like a phoenix.
Synthesizer repair and modification. The Solina Ensemble effect unit was made and improved by Eric van Baaren, a very gifted musician and composer, after a functional design by Pepijn Courant. 
Exactly what its name suggests.
Yamaha EX-5
ree System Projekt member Ruud Heij features on 'Mercury rising', the second track of 'Sense of urgency', and on 'Halo', the second track of 'Solstice'. The Akikaze website was constructed by Erik van der Vlist in 2013.
My favourite music shop. Built the Yamaha CS-40M program stepper.